Annual Briefing 2018

For a long time, we were on a quest for a more distinct way of working with our designers. That is, in terms of the ideation, research efficiency, processes and actual products. We are now, instead of working with individuals to address a range of different challenges, introducing a way for multiple designers to work on a specific functionality theme at a time.

We spent the last few years seeking a clear sense of purpose for every collection—sofa, stool or table we produce.  

This pushed us to think differently about our method. 

Today, we start with a purpose and let a group of architects and designers interpret our challenge together. 

We call this The Annual Briefing. 

During the briefing day, we articulate a given purpose as a narrative, presented along with opinions from diverse sets of experts, anthropologists, human resource professionals and urban planners for instance.

The architects and designers then have come up with one collection each, directly responding to the brief. Throughout the year, the teams meet to share thoughts and give feedback. 

In this peer exercise, critical questions are raised.

For the first three briefings, we will investigate three specific behaviours, a social sharing space, a focused productive setting and a contemplating dwelling realm.

 Follow our journey from briefing day to the final product, and get involved in the discussion around how we improve the use of our public space today.

The ambition is to launch multiple collections of furniture that speak to a particular purpose, designed by a collective mind.
Annual Briefing #1, Stockholm 2018

Dwell, produce, share

The Annual Briefing is an insight-led briefing by +Halle that inspires multidisciplinary, critical, thinking. The rationale is dual; creating a distinct brief that is then given to multiple designers, architects, artists and engineers, to encourage an inclusive dialogue. The intention is to focus on behavioural realms, inviting participants to collaborate on purposeful furniture that improves – dwelling, producing and sharing.


Today, we live in an environment of constant distraction. As a result, we are looking for the greatest possible contrast to being bombarded with stimuli. We long for an organic change in the environment that a moment of dwelling provides – a break in our routines that makes us better able to enjoy stimuli when we resume it. And it is precisely this break, that lets us self-actualise, rediscover and re-create ourselves.


The open-planned environment was sold as an economic use of space that quickly proved to be overstated. Instead, human-scaled solutions to real needs emerged as pivotal for people to produce better. We need to respect the agency of the individual and at the same time nurture small-scale teams. It is the community that arises as the most positive influence on production, serving a perfect balance between the individual and the organisation. 


Today, we are aware of the parameters of intersections, and barriers between formal and informal, public and private are forever blurred. By studying the correlation between clusters and innovation, we learnt that multidisciplinary groups sharing ideas succeed better. Furniture should act as a facilitator for that exchange, making people come together in breakout areas, sharing visions, action plans or skill sets.

New products

A selection of new products that we launched in 2018

Nest cushions
by Form Us With Love
Easy Nest XL Chair
by Form Us With Love
Torno Chair
by Form Us With Love
Easy Nest Sofa
by Form Us With Love
Easy Nest Sofa
by Form Us With Love
Torno Sofa
by Form Us With Love