Orgatec 2018

Presenting a collection of behavioural driven furniture in Cologne from 23-27 of October - Hall 10.2, stand P41-Q40.

New visions of work

How can furniture progress our performance and wellbeing in public spaces? If you neglect basic needs and treat people as if there are machines, productivity slows down. In comparison, if you start looking at designing furniture to enhance behaviour, the level of satisfaction and productivity rise. Our intention is, therefore, to focus on three behavioural realms, inviting designers to collaborate on purposeful furniture that improves dwelling, producing and sharing.


We need confined conditions where we can dwell and let our minds run free. It is taking a break that provides energy and allow us to actualise, rediscover and re-create.

“Offering a place to dwell, creating environments in which to produce, and inviting its users to come together and share ideas”
Creative Director, Martin Halle


The intersections between formal and informal, public and private are blurred. By studying the correlation between clusters and innovation, we learnt that multidisciplinary groups sharing ideas succeed better. We believe furniture should act as a facilitator for that exchange, making people come together to share ideas.


The openplanned environment of public spaces was thought to be an efficient and economic use of space but proved to be overstated. Instead, behaviouralled humanscaled solutions emerged as pivotal for people to produce better. Moving away from the open-plan allows us to respect the agency of the individual and nurture smallscale teams, serving a perfect balance between the individual and the organisation.

Clarity of purpose

Our main focus is clarity of purpose. We want to present furniture that has purpose and relevance in the public sphere. The future of the workspace, for us, is about serving people with interior tools, to get the best out of the environment they are in. We are keen on presenting furniture that foster a better performing public environment, and Orgatec is an opportunity to display these ideas in a distinct, participatory way, focusing on the longterm output of the spaces that implement our furniture.

Explore our range of furniture progressing performance and wellbeing in public spaces within the behavioural realms of DWELLING, SHARING and PRODUCING.

Looking forward to seeing you in Hall 10.2 // Stand P41-Q40.

Featured products

Browse through some of the products from our existing range that will also be presented at our Orgatec stand.

Low Nest Chair Wood
by Form Us With Love
High Nest Sofa
by Form Us With Love
Low Nest Chair
by Form Us With Love
by busk+hertzog
High Nest Table
by Form Us With Love
Easy Nest Wood
by Form Us With Love
High Nest Chair
by Form Us With Love