Creating Human Spaces

It is time to challenge the composition of office environments and public spaces. 


A day at work might have become less physical; yet greater demands are made on the surroundings to be evocative. Dwell time in public may have increased, and a range of diverse areas are needed at all hours of the day.


At +Halle we research, analyze and think carefully about how we put together, facilitate and create furniture that helps people get the most out of the environment they are in. The key to our proceedings in our work is a shared vision of enjoyable and dynamic public landscapes with at clear sense of purpose.


We are knowledge driven, open and collaborative, this, to find new withstanding elements for both social time and and private space. With advances in multidisciplinary research and collaborative design projects, we offer well-thought through human settings, resulting in qualitative and functional improvements to any commercial or institutional space. 


Design philosophy

Resourcefulness matters to us. Which is why, we have a shared commitment to designing better public environments in any way. However, resources to us are not only about being rational. We improve the public realm by designing for humans, developing narrative tools, as opposed to static sedentary installations.



Our methods are immersive and include teams of researchers, experts and designers, who build scenarios, sets and urban fiction. 

Our furniture is made as configurations of public habits, continuously pushing the boundaries of what a piece of furniture  - if seen as a consequential resource - could possibly deliver.


Made in Denmark

Our furniture is exclusively made in Denmark. Each piece of +Halle furniture is assembled, upholstered and quality controlled by Hans Skipper Møbler, our manufacturer - delivering unparalleled quality - for more than 40 years.


For a better world

All +Halle products are made according to the highest Danish environmental standards. The wood is grown with respect for the land, and the metal parts are manufactured from 99% recyclable steel. All foam and fabric are developed and tested with compliance to Scandinavian standards. Our factories also take great pride in following the Danish working environment act, reassuring all artisans being happy and safe at all times