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Introducing 8 new Nest tables


8 new Nest tables

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Challenging and purpose driven


It is time to challenge the composition of the office environment and public spaces.

A day at work might have become less physical; yet, greater demands are made on the surroundings to be evocative. Dwell time in public might have increased, and a range of diverse - both lively and quieter areas - are needed at all times of the day. 

At +Halle we research, analyse and think carefully about how we put together, facilitate and create furniture that helps people get the most out of the environment they are in. 

by Kilo Design

Selected Products

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High Nest Sofa
by Form Us With Love
For Now Chair
by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

"The key to proceedings in our work is a shared vision of enjoyable and dynamic public landscapes with a clear sense of purpose"

High Nest Sofa by Form Us With Love

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