Introducing Levels

The Levels system is Form Us With Love’s response to +Halle’s brief on dwelling; an answer to a break in the day, a seat for a quick lunch or a place for a short read. What began as concepts and ideas of a seating landscape, where a natural pause can be experienced together or individually, became an interlaced structure allowing for dwell-time facing different directions, far apart, and at different eye levels.


Introducing the Torno Family

The guiding theme for our new Torno series is the purpose of easy entry and movement. Simple, effortless and without snobbery, the series offers aluminium chairs and tables that are so easily accessible, you almost can't pass by without trying it out.


All the right angles

How do you expand a public space without losing its generous and open appeal? With interior design by Zeso Architects and VLA, we hear about the challenges and solution of furnishing Copenhagen Airport.


Lights on

Learn how we played a vital role in the purposeful re-activation strategy of Jean Nouvel's fantastic concert house, DR Koncerthuset.


Endless possibilities

+Halle presents the Nest System Tables, designed by Stockholm based design studio Form Us With Love.


Annual Briefing

Read more about our method. An insight-led briefing that inspires multidisciplinary, critical, thinking.


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